Here are the best travel videos of the week-ish for the end of May…

Prince Edward Island – Roadtrip

I am loving this blissed-out, dreamy rental car daytrip of Prince Edward Island; P.E.I. certainly isn’t one of the more well-traveled vacation hotspots, especially not for most of the tanned, bikini-clad habitants of Youtube & Vimeo.

Florence Underground

I’m very fond of anything with a narrative. If your video tells a story with some sort of throughline (other than, in the words of slacker-caesar ‘we went, we were there, we left’) I’ll probably be willing to put it up. I’m fanatical about stories, and very few of the travel videos that I watch have them. Jerome Alexandre’s video is light on story, but makes up for it in an ambience so thick you can almost smell this subway in Florence, Italy.

Cambodia Trip

I’m not gonna lie, the song kinda makes this video about Cambodia. Luckily, there are some startlingly good images to accompany the rad-tastic music.

Travel guide: streets versus blocks

Cultural differences and Japan’s wacky (to us) system of organizing streets & blocks is the name of the game in this charming animated video from Vimeo user Zomon.

Silver Mines

So this is borderline reckless and full-on craziness, but these cats went down to Bolivia, found themselves a silver mine, then talked their way into… well, you’ll see.

McDonalds Across Europe!

Ah, Europe: where the hip and modern lounge about the ornate and antique. These girls decide to bugger that concept, and went to as many McDonalds’ as they could find…

Vietnam. Same same but different

Sights, sounds & tastes abound in this overview of a trip to Vietnam. Beasts of burden, smiling villagers, handbag salesman and Hanoi bicycles all abound in some beautiful photography.

Learning some Kung fu in a Chinese farming village

An awesome video where an Irish polygot travelling through China by rail meets the son of a renowned Kung-Fu Master. Personal note: I love watching this guy’s videos in the hope that some day my Chinese will be anywhere near as good as his (spolier alert: it won’t be.)

Tengo El Fuego

Gorgeous skateboarding video (I’m a sucker for skateboarding videos, esp. travel-related skateboarding videos) in Barcelona & Seville, Spain.

Cairo on Vimeo

This is a perfect example of what happens when you have a good, interesting video, and then you add a piece of music that makes it into something else. The tense, jarring score in this video makes it more than just pretty vistas; it makes it into a teaser trailer for Egypt’s post-revolution future.

Dave Barr World Traveler

Excellent short documentary on a disabled Vietnam war vet who went on what may possibly the most bad-ass motorcycle road trip of all time; through the Gobi Desert and Siberia. As he puts it: “I never asked god ‘why me?’ I asked god ‘what now?”


There’s a great, disjointed feeling to this video of balls-to-the-walls scooter drivers in Sicilian alleyways grinning and staring at the cameraman.

OK, I think that’s it folks. We had a bit of a backlog this weekish (this week-ish was more of a month-ish) and I’m looking forward to doing these on a more consistent basis.

What was your favorite clip this week-ish?

Let us know in the comments below! If you have a video for next week’s best unseen travel videos, leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail from the ‘about’ page up top.


Ciao for now!

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MarkJune 8, 2012 2:36 pm

This is a great list, particularly like the kung fu vid. Im also traveling the world, here is a video I made about the experience 10 mths in

sean June 10 2012 17:50 pm

Hey Mark, I dig your videos! Thanks for visiting!

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