07 Dec 2013

Get a plane ticket. Get out. Get lost. aka Who Needs Walter Mitty?

Check out this fabulously inspirational video about traveling (which, consequently, is the title of this short film) from Mike Weldon.

More on the video and my thoughts about it after the bump.

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11 Mar 2013

Japanese Rail – Brenden Allen Takes us on a Picturesque Journey Through Japan

Check out this striking travelogue video about a journey through Japan on the rail system.

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24 Aug 2012

The Brilliant, Beatific Betel Nuts of Kaohsiung

We endeavored to explore the process, history, & taste of Taiwan’s infamous narcotic delight; the betel nut.

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05 Feb 2012

Mists crawling over Yushan Mountain, Taiwan (玉山)

One of those things that makes you feel a little bit smaller…

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