Hold on tight to something!

You’ll have to brace yourself against the breakneck pace of Shane Corrigan’s whiplash-inducing tour through a number of European countries…


From the video’s description:


From December 15 to January 2 we spent the holiday season inter-railing around Europe with my lovely girl friend Jess. Starting in Denmark then to Germany, Austria, and finally Amsterdam. Mostly taking time lapses when bringing the camera out with a few video clips here and there. This fast paced video shows bits of the whole journey in under 4 minutes.

It’s only a bit reminiscient of Victor Johnson’s European backpacking tour from the film Rules of Attraction. For health & longevity’s sake, it seems that  Mr. Corrigan stayed away from the level of debauchery that Victor engages in, or at least had the good sense to shut the camera off and save the monologue for his journal.

Victor’s slightly more screwed-up trip starts here:

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