I’d heard a lot about the oyster omelettes, but somehow it wasn’t something that I’d run across, probably because it’s so hot in Kaohsiung most of the time, who wants to order a piping hot omelette?

Well, we did.

What’s in a Taiwanese Oyster Omelette?

oyster omelette

Well, lots of oysters, some potato starch batter, a few eggs, some leaves, and a dar red savory sauce on top to balance out all of those disparate flavors.

Point of fact, we’d heard that Cijin was famous for it’s oyster omelettes, yet we had to search for over an hour to find a place serving them. Unfortunately Jackie’s Hokkien isn’t nuanced enough to really get to why this was. We’re working on that; we just started our Chinese lessons.

Back to the heat, the contrast in this video has been lowered pretty dramatically, so you can’t see the prodigious amount of sweating that I’m doing. While we enjoyed the omelette (me especially, if you couldn’t tell by my unmitigated scarfing towards the end) the ice-cold milk tea from the tea stand next to this was far superior.

BTW, here’s a pretty rough approximation of the omelette’s location. That section has changed a lot since Google’s last map update out there, though, so take it as general advice, not step-by-step directions.

Soundtrack, as always, selected form CC songs available on soundcloud:

Vampires – Sirolohead

81summer – TERR1E


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Kuan YewMay 22, 2012 10:51 pm

It is definitely different from the ones they have over here at my place (Malaysia). The omelette is usually deep fried till it’s crispy and it’s thicker. But good job in finding the spot despite having the language barrier.

Name July 25 2012 08:28 am

haha yea... it ranges between each region. Every place has the same food but different versions or different tastes to it ^^

linda @ spiceboxtravelsSeptember 13, 2012 12:11 pm

This was a lot of fun! Thanks for finding my recent post on oyster omelet– I think I love it more than you both do, but I know that the gooeyness (“Q”) that Taiwanese love is an acquired taste. I’ll be back to watch more of your Taiwan adventures and will see you on Twitter.

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