Check out this fabulously inspirational video about traveling (which, consequently, is the title of this short film) from Mike Weldon.

More on the video and my thoughts about it after the bump.

This short film features some pretty stunning cinematography liberally sprinkled with home video footage from Mr. Weldon’s own travels.

This is a great video for anyone thinking of taking the plunge into long-term travel. I’d like to think that this is the sort of film that could push someone already thinking of pursuing this sort of thing right over the edge. On a personal note, I have to say that I’m glad I started traveling before getting my career going full-swing (though I have done most of my traveling through various work abroad schemes, and my biggest gap in my resumé only lasted for about 4 months while I worked out a TEFL degree to teach in Taiwan.) The dilemma the lead character is facing is a very hard one when you’ve already established yourself in your career.

Similarly, Ben Stiller’s new film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is coming out soon. I look forward to seeing it, I think a film that blends realistic moments of RTW travel along with the fantastical imaginings of those destinations is a topic ripe for a big holiday release. That being said, the film’s message will probably be very similar to the one presented in Mr. Weldon’s video, and if the trailer is any indication, it may be muddled with overlength, distracting jokes, and even more distracting celebrity cameos.

With luck, I’ll be back again soon with some words from Mr. Weldon himself.

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