14 Jul 2013

Cool, Trippy Video About St. Kitts

Check out this nifty little piece of travel filmmaking from Ryan Lumley about his trip to St. Kitts.

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11 Mar 2013

Japanese Rail – Brenden Allen Takes us on a Picturesque Journey Through Japan

Check out this striking travelogue video about a journey through Japan on the rail system.

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02 Mar 2013

I Wouldn’t Want to go There: “Battling the Yakuza”

No actual battles in  this sensationally-titled al Jazeera TV doc, but some horrific, provocative and interesting anecdotes from former members of Japan’s secretive criminal organizations.

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24 Aug 2012

The Brilliant, Beatific Betel Nuts of Kaohsiung

We endeavored to explore the process, history, & taste of Taiwan’s infamous narcotic delight; the betel nut.

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20 Jun 2012

GEAR: Epic Ninja Helicopter Video from the Omcopter


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