A personal video travelogue through Honningsvåg, Norway.

Even during the Summer (I visited in July,) Honningsvåg can get brutally cold. The year’s highest temperature is often around 20°C. This was filmed in July; the snow hadn’t even melted.Aside from the bitter coast, we trekked to visit a Sami Yurt, then ventured on to the north cape cliff to view some rusty monuments, and contemplate whether or not we were presently the only ones in our lineage to cross the arctic circle.

Bring your thick norwegian sweater, and some comfy shoes for this trek through the desolately beautiful countryside of Norway’s most-northern city. If you miss the bus, find a yurt or an agreeable local, as there are not many options for stays in Europe’s (self-declared) Most Northern City.

Music: Artist: Norwegian Composer Edward Grieg
Song: Aase’s Death from Peer Gynt

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