Check out this amazing video made by the folks over at Omstudios.

It’s a single 2:30 minute-ish shot, slown down to just over 5:00, depicting a lone ninja vanquishing countless foes in what seems to be a disused European factory. It’s unfortunate that this is just a gear demo: this is the most exciting ninja sequence I think that I’ve ever seen put to live-action film. I’d gladly watch ninety minutes of this (provided it had an audio track added in.)

The piece of gear is the Omcopter, an awesome little remote controlled helicopter rig which, from what I gather, has been specifically made for the Epic Red camera (but apparently will also work with DSLR’s and glasses of water. )

I’m reasonably sure that these small RC helicopter rigs are going to slowly find their way into becoming a regularly used piece of filmmaking equipment, occupying a nice sweet spot between steadicams and cranes. Looking at this thing, it does look beyond my electronics skill-set, but not beyond the skills of a slightly-more-than-amateur electronics gear hacker. Hopefully we see the proliferation of affordable versions of helicopter rigs in the very near future.

The OMCOPTER gives wings to the Red Epic from omstudios on Vimeo.

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