snapfocus brake handles

brake handles at work

I’m not a big fan of gear for gear’s sake; I prefer the old ninja adage “fear not the weapon but the man who wields it.” Whenever someone says nice things about what I shoot, they assume that I’m using top-of-the-line tools that cost me a fortune. Nothing could be further from the truth; I buy anything used that I can, and make as much out of PVC as possible.

snapfocus focus gears

focus gears

I’d certainly make an exception for the Midas Mount Snapfocus follow system, though. Details are still unfinalized (their patent is pending, after all) but it looks heavy enough to stabilize a DSLR (a DSLR’s light weight tends to cause the most shakiness) but light enough to probably not kill your luggage on your next trip. On top of it all, it uses bicycle brakes

gray N64 controller

looks weird, handles fine

to operate focus. How cool is that? You’d end up using muscle memory to pull focus. I’ll bet that’s pretty janky at first, but once you adapt to it, it’s probably second nature. Think about the first time you used a new video game controller or keyboard. I’m looking at you, N64 controller.

The thing’s up on Kickstarter, and the company, Midas Mounts, is way ahead of it’s goal. It also seems that it’s selling for about $100 less than they intend to charge for it after the kickstarter deal is over. Admittedly, the price is a bit rich for my blood. I need to invest in another lens (maybe two,) some lighting gear, and some more sound equipment before I go buying a nice rig like this. But if I had the cash floating around and was looking for a new rig, this is certainly one that I’d look very hard at.

midas mount snapfocus rig

manicure not included

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