04 Jun 2012

“A Bite of China”: Shockingly Yummy Chinese Food Documentary

CCTV presents an awesome look at where and how some of the Mainland’s most famous food is sourced.

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07 Apr 2012

Yanshui Fireworks Festival(鹽水蜂炮): a Scorched History

The Yanshui Fireworks Festival (鹽水蜂炮) is considered to be one of the most dangerous festivals in the world (see links at the bottom,) which isn’t a surprise considering that the entire object of the festival is to get hit by as many small explosives as possible, in the guise of being provided better luck.

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05 Apr 2012

Dragon Boats; Better Fitness Through Seapower

Teak boats, rice & legends

I’m a pretty big Dragon Boat enthusiast, which is fully exhibited in the fact that I made a whole free youtube documentary about Dragon Boat competitors in Taiwan. But what’s not covered in the movie that I made is the “why” of the whole thing.

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