(Above) Stendhal – Gabriel Kempers

Gabriel Kempers kept this Italian Travelogue as simple as possible; he edited in-camera with swish pans kept the ambient audio, and then plugged in some nice tunes for extra mood. What comes out of his creation is a brilliant little take on the random assault beautiful cities have upon the senses.

One Minute Vacation – Kevin2Kelly

A blink of environments, a clash of sounds; whispers of rivers, blowing of leaves & the yelling of revelers. Kevin Kelly’s compilation of one-second shots from his trip around Asia is epic in it’s contrasts, and wonderful in it’s brevity.


This is a stylish, relaxed little tone-poem for the strange purgatory that every traveller eventually inhabits, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity. I wish I could say the same for the average airport…

Living out of a Backpack – Live on the Road

I love this opening animation of the hosts of this show, as well as the mission statements therein. I’m expecting much more from this channel as their stories progress, this is very promising…

 The Best Risotto in the World – Epicurely

I’ll admit: I almost shut it off when I heard the opening notes of the theme from “The Godfather.” Doing raw travel searches of videos on Vimeo has taught me a lot about establishing your styles and your concepts early on; mostly because I close down most of the videos I watch within a minute or so of starting them. But Epicurely’s video survived mostly because he gets to some glorious food and food production shots pretty early on, and at about one minute’s length, definitely doesn’t overstay his welcome.

Voyage on the M.V. Liemba – Malcolm Rutherford

Here’s something that doesn’t pop up on Vimeo very often. Or most travel guides, for that matter; a travelogue of a cargo ship travelling from Mpulungu, Zambia to Kigoma, Tanzania. The ship of the title is just under one-hundred years old, and fromthe look of the video, seems to be holding up well. Then again, I’d consider anything that is one-hundred and not underwater to be pretty spectacular. Spoiler alert: there are a lot of dried fish in this video.

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