I’ve been tracking and collecting the best travel videos that I could find that had yet to gain any real attention.

I’m looking for lesser-seen videos, not necessarily  the top youtube travel videos (though I’ll sprinkle a few of those in here and there.) If you’ve got a video you’d like to see on here, leave it in the comments section, or send me an e-mail via the ‘about’ page.

Without further ado…

Che – The Roads Less Traveled

A brilliantly photographed motorcycle road trip through Nepal, and I’m a sucker for motorcycle road trip videos, as I’ve had the pleasure of taking several over the years. I love the shot at about 1:30. Great vantage point.

Sven Cichowicz – Karabil

This video is pretty wild; it doesn’t really present the typical tourist destination, and I doubt that Hyatt will be laying down any building in Karabil any time soon. The shots of the boat starting at about 2:11 are the sort of visions of “our life out of balance” that should keep one up at night.

ABC Open Southern Tasmania – Backpacking through Europe in the 1950s

I don’t usually go for the sub-genre of travel album videos, but when the photos are a half-century old, and when they’re this gorgeous, and when the traveler is this fascinating…  Heather Lodge has a great story to tell. Can’t recommend this video enough.


Sky – Travels – Shanwei

I adore all of the little bits and pieces and detail shots of this video, all of which are gorgeously composed. It’s like Wes Anderson got hired by the Shanwei Tourism Board.

 Village Beat – The Very Best – Yoshua Alikuti

A Nairobi take on Lil’ Wayne’s “A Milli” video. It’s a music video that presents an interesting mix between satire and pride, and the music by The Very Best doesn’t hurt too much.

Visualtraveling – ‘Kim Il-Sung’s Birthday Party’

Another video from Bizarro-land, these skateboarders wanted to skate around the DPRK, but only got one shot off. What they got instead of skating is some pretty interesting footage from The North’s most celebrated holiday; Kim-Il’s 100th birthday party.
Not interested in North Korea yet?
Kim Jong Il: Crazy Like a Fox


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