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Budget travel and vagabonding videos, with an indie spirit and enough piss & vinegar to power… something that runs on Piss & Vinegar. Where’s the alternative-fuelled vehicle for that?

I’m in the storytelling business, with a special focus on travel and life abroad.


I’m available to produce travel-related media including articles, blogs, photography and video. Especially video. Man, do I love making videos.

I’m presently based in Southern Taiwan, and moving around Asia whenever I can. Feel free to comment on the pages, drop me a line at my email address  or whatever. just don’t forget to leave your shoes at the door. We have some manners, after all.

Send us an email here, why don’t you? 

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WeiJune 7, 2012 12:24 am

I have a couple of questions for you….(first, I’m the Sinhua oyster omelet guy ‘jtainan1′, please subscribe to my channel).

Questions: OMG your videos are better than the f**king Discovery Channel. So, my question is, what hardware are you using?

#2, what video editing software do you use?

Wei Chiao Szu is my given Chinese name. I’m a burly white American. LOL

sean June 07 2012 22:56 pm

I shoot pretty much everything on a canon 550D with the hacked magic lantern firmware. I've got a few lenses, but find myself going back to my 50mm f/1.8 and my 18-55 stock lens over and over again. That 18-55 has no right to be as useful for video as it is. Next lens will probably be something that starts at about 10mm.

I use FCP 6, which I love. I want to start cutting on Avid again before the year's up, though. I'm hoping to re-enter the job market in Q4 2013.

I've had enough gear questions asked that I'll probably do a more in-depth gear article at some point in the next few weeks.

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