19 Jun 2014

Parisian Portraits in Mongolia

A Paris-dwelling Czech photographer who takes his bike, on a whim (as you do) to Mongolia…

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21 Apr 2014

Road Tripping the Sea of Japan

Check out this lovely ukelele-tinged video journey along the Sea of Japan.

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15 Jan 2014

Like a Strobic Travel Dream – A Backpacker’s European Timelapse

Hold on tight to something!

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07 Dec 2013

Get a plane ticket. Get out. Get lost. aka Who Needs Walter Mitty?

Check out this fabulously inspirational video about traveling (which, consequently, is the title of this short film) from Mike Weldon.

More on the video and my thoughts about it after the bump.

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22 Jul 2013

Subway Sleeps on the MTA in NYC, USA

Sometimes you’ve got to grab a nap, even while moving about one of the most populous cities on earth.

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